March 2016

T-Birds win game four
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/31/16

In round one of the playoffs this year, the Seattle Thunderbirds went four for four, beating the Prince George Cougars in every game. Their victory was narrower on Wednesday night than it was during the previous game’s shutout, with a final score of 4-3, but it was a victory all the same. Nolan Volcan had a great night, scoring the winning goal during overtime on Wednesday night. Landon Bow saved 21 of 24 shots from the Cougars. The T-Birds heavily outshot the Cougars and Edmonds made 35 saves on 39 shots during the entire game. Scott Eansor scored the first goal of the night during the first... Read More
Bow pulls it off again!
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/30/16

On Tuesday night at the CN Centre, the Seattle Thunderbirds were on fire as they took on the Prince George Cougars for the third game of the first round of playoff games. It was the Birds’ third win in three playoff games, but this was also another shutout in which Bow blocked all 27 shots by the Cougars, earning his first playoff shutout in his career. The offense, in turn, ended the game with a score of 5-0. As you know, the Birds only need the best of seven games to win against the Cougars, so one more game and they win the series. Nick Holowko made the first goal of the evening during the... Read More
How are you taking part?
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/29/16

Live update: It’s 14:48 on the clock, during the second period and the Birds are leading 3-0! We may have not only a sweep but another shutout game, folks! Keep cheering the Birds on and keep checking social media or tuning in to the game—it looks like we may be there soon! And if you missed it, you must head to Twitter to check out True’s power play tonight. They were NOT kidding when they said that he had his game face on tonight. He is in it to win it for sure! Bow’s in it again as well, saving everything that comes at him. The Seattle Thunderbirds are gearing up to take on the Prince... Read More
50th Eastern and Western Conference All-Star Teams announced
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/28/16

In the middle of the excitement occurring over the last few days, with the Seattle Thunderbirds beating the Prince George Cougars twice in the playoffs and all, you may have missed some more cool news. Two T-Birds have been named Western Conference First-Team All-Stars: Center Mathew Barzal and defenseman Ethan Bear! Let’s face it—their selection is not unexpected given their track records this year, but you do wonder why a few other notable Birds didn’t make the selection. Barzal was 11th in the league in scoring as well as voted the team’s MVP. His stats included 27 goals and 61 assists for... Read More
Thunderbirds beat Cougars 4-1
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/27/16

Seattle Thunderbirds fans, you can rest easy tonight. Your favorite junior hockey team has sailed through the first round of playoff games with flying colors, more specifically beating the Prince George Cougars with a score of 4-1 on Saturday night! Did anyone think this was going to be possible in December or early January when the Birds were struggling to form a cohesive team? It’s almost hard to believe that this is the same team. This confident, talented group of young men seems able to take on any team and come out victorious.  5,092 people turned up at the ShoWare Center to see the... Read More
T-Birds win first playoff game against Cougars
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/26/16

They had to go into overtime to do it, but the Seattle Thunderbirds beat the Prince George Cougars during the first round of WHL playoffs. It was a close game with a final score of 3-2. No scoring occurred during the first period, with Seattle outshooting Prince George 12-9. Prince George was the first team to put any points on the board when Jesse Gabrielle made a power play, scoring a goal. Assists were made by Brad Morrison and Jansen Harkins. Donovan Neuls tied the game up 1-1 during the same period. Alexander True and Andreas Schumacher made the assists. True gave the T-Birds the lead... Read More
Birds won 45 games this season
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/25/16

Even though fans of the Seattle Thunderbirds are getting excited about the upcoming playoff games that are rapidly approaching this weekend, they can’t help but be saddened that the regular season is already over. The Birds played their final game on Sunday night, winning against the Portland Winterhawks with a score of 4-1. At this point, it’s pretty much just showing off as they have already secured their place in the playoff games and have proven over and over again that they are a team to contend with during the past few months. As we near the playoffs, we can take a step back to see just... Read More
Awards ceremony after Portland shootout
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/24/16

If you were at last Saturday’s awesome game against the Portland Winterhawks, you already know that the Seattle Thunderbirds also had their annual awards ceremony following the game. Many of the awards were not surprising, although some may have been more interesting than others. The Humanitarian Award was given to Jerret Smith, while Scholastic Player went to Matthew Wedman. These awards are not necessarily representative of skills on the ice, but they still play an important role in other aspects of being a great team member. Smith, for example, has had some great game moments this year,... Read More
Final score is 4-3
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/22/16

On Saturday night, the Seattle Thunderbirds finished their regular season with another win under the team’s collective belt. For once, it was touch and go for a while; the team was behind by three goals but managed to catch up to score a victory of 4-3 over the Portland Winterhawks. The crowd was sold out during the game, reflecting just how much Seattle loves its athletics. Seattle Thunderbirds head coach Steve Konowalchuk says that the Hawks had the jump on the team at first. “They definitely were out of the gates ready and we weren't. Then we got in penalty trouble to give them more... Read More
Plus details about the Thunderbird mentoring program
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/19/16

The Seattle Thunderbirds are taking on the Portland Winterhawks tonight at the ShoWare Center. The T-Birds are ready to go, but are you? Do you have your tickets? It is also Fan Appreciation Night, so make sure to get your tickets and head over to the game for some fun and prizes. If you can’t get tickets to tonight’s game, at least be sure to listen on the radio or check in via social media for the highlights. The puck drops at 7:05 tonight so you have plenty of time to rally up a crowd of friends and family to get together for discounted group tickets or to set up some snacks and enjoy the... Read More
Playoff game details released
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/18/16

Most Seattle Thunderbird fans are still riding that glorious, victorious wave. The Birds are in first place in the US Division, prompting fans from all across the area to celebrate wildly. Seattle is proud of the team and happy to show it, highlighting the huge achievement online with championship computer backgrounds you can download for your desktop or phone. Fans are saying that they are the best team we have ever had, and while that may be a bit of an overstatement, the current lineup is definitely a talented group of young men. Now that the Birds have a guaranteed spot in the playoff... Read More
We are the champions, my friend…
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/16/16

Ladies and gentlemen, they did it! There were so many weeks of uncertainty, many weeks where we trailed behind the Everett Silvertips in particular, but the Seattle Thunderbirds pulled it off and beat the Spokane Chiefs on Tuesday night, securing the title and becoming the US Division Champions. The big win marks the 11th win in a row for the Birds and there were 5,707 at the ShoWare Center to witness this historic moment. Landon Bow, already celebrated for his seven shutouts and status as Goaltender of the Week, nearly had another shutout notch during the game; he only allowed one goal to... Read More
Honor given to Bow during week of March 13
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/15/16

The Seattle Thunderbirds fans have been singing Landon Bow’s praises lately. With stats like 2-0-0-0 and a save rate of . 962, he is practically unstoppable lately. Bow has been in the WHL for four seasons now, but it’s only his first with the Birds. When he first joined the team in the fall in exchange for Taz Burman, most people were not happy about it. Taz had plenty of fans but they also just didn’t know what to make of Bow, who came from the Swift Current Broncos, at first. He was a bit of an erratic goalie, doing well one night and sinking the next. Some attributed it to his confidence... Read More
Birds beat the Hawks 3-2
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/14/16

The closer we get to the playoff games, the more we think the Seattle Thunderbids will kill it this year. Every week we have more victories to celebrate and this past Saturday night was no different when the Birds took on the Portland Winterhawks at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and won with a score of 3-2. Not only does this give them a winning streak of 10 for 10, but it also gives them a total of 14 wins in their last 15 games. Nolan Volcan scored right away during the first period. Scott Eansor and Donovan Neuls had the assists. Portland scored during the first period as well, with the... Read More
Plus the Birds’ ninth win in a row
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/12/16

Remember back when we were wonder if the Seattle Thunderbirds would ever beat the Everett Silvertips again? How about just a week ago when the Tips were saying that they were just having a bad night when the Birds beat them? On Friday night, the Thunderbirds took the Tips on again at the ShoWare Center and not only beat them again, securing nine straight victories in a row—but they also made it a shutout game with Landon Bow blocking every single shot. He is now the leading goaltender in the league with seven shutouts. Fans, even those who previously were wary of the ‘new’ goalie, are loving... Read More
The T-Birds join in the celebration
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/11/16

While most WHL teams have been honoring the anniversary of the league throughout the year, the Seattle Thunderbirds joined in last week with awards presented to Patrick Marleau and Tyler Metcalfe. Marleau was given the Professional Alumni Achievement Award and Metcalfe was given the WHL Scholastic Alumni Achievement Award before the game against the Portland Winterhawks on Saturday night. Fans who missed the awards ceremony can tune in to the Seattle T-Birds website to see the awards take place. Fans new to the T-Birds may not recall Marleau or Metcalfe. Marleau is a Canadian player who... Read More
Who is going?
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/10/16

Need tickets to the playoffs? They are on sale now! Tickets for groups of 10 or more are currently on sale via the Seattle Thunderbirds website, but you can also call a ticket representative to get your hands on a bundle of tickets. Game one, which will be versus an unknown as of yet opponent, will take place on Friday, March 25 at 7:35. Game two, which is also against a TBD team, will occur on Saturday, March 26 at 7:05. If you’re going to any upcoming T-Birds games, be sure to take advantage of some of the specials left in the season. There isn’t very many promo games left to enjoy. On... Read More
Now they are just showing off
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/09/16

After half of a season without shutouts, the Seattle Thunderbirds sure know how to throw one down now. After 17 saves at the Toyota Center in Kennewick, Logan Flodell led the T-Birds in another shutout over the Tri-City Americans with a final score of 4-0. This marks the team’s eighth win in a row. The Birds continue to maintain the first place spot in the US Division, their record standing now at 40-23-3-0. Scoring occurred during the second and third periods, with two goals during the second and two more in the third. Players Donovan Neuls, Cavin Neth, Alexander True and Andreas Schumacher... Read More
Playoffs spot is in the bag
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/06/16

On Saturday night, the Seattle Thunderbirds kept up their massive winning streak by beating the Portland Winterhawks 2-1. The win comes on the heels of the previous night’s victory over the Everett Silvertips, also a score of 2-1. The T-birds remain in the first place spot of the US Division, their stats now at 39-23-3-0. The Silvertips, who were just five points ahead of the Birds this side of two weeks ago, are now trailing by two points as we approach the 2016 Playoff games. There are only seven games left until the Playoffs, folks. So even if we bomb the rest—and the odds are that we won’... Read More
And we’re back in first place
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/05/16

Ladies and gentleman, some fans said it couldn’t be done but the Seattle Thunderbirds just proved that line of thinking invalid! The T-Birds are back in the number one spot in the US Division, back where the team was in the fall before several sweeping changes were made. Blame it on the changes, bad management or coaching or the water, but the Birds are definitely back in the game and on their way to the Cup. Friday night the young men beat the Everett Silvertips 2-1. Seattle now stands at 38-22-3-0, which would be a tie with the Tips for points if they didn’t have more wins than Everett.... Read More
Nominated for goaltender of the week
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/04/16

With the Seattle Thunderbirds on such a fantastic winning streak lately, the team goalies were sure to get some recognition sometime. During the week of Feburary 28, 2016, goaltender Landon Bow was nominated for the Vaughn CHL Goaltender of the Week Award. This marks the third time this season that Bow was nominated for the award. His first nomination occurred during the first week of November when he was still playing for the Swift Current Broncos. He was also nominated during the first week of January while playing for the T-Birds. During this nomination, Bow boasted stats of 2-0-0-0. He... Read More
Plus two hat tricks
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/03/16

One hat trick? Try two. That’s how the Seattle Thunderbirds rolled on Tuesday night when they beat the Tri-City Americans at the ShoWare Center with a final score of 7-2. The overwhelming victory led the team to improving their stats to 37-23-3-0, which puts them just one point behind the Everett Silvertips for first place in the U.S. Division. They’ve teetered over the five point gap for months, sometimes flirting with a three-point gap, and now they are so close it is almost theirs. The Birds are on a roll and they are rapidly proving that not only they are able to work together, but that... Read More
Seattle squeezes out a narrow victory
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/02/16

If Saturday’s game was an amazing shutout that made the game look easy, Sunday’s victory proved that the Seattle Thunderbirds know how to work together and win a solid victory. Seattle took on the Kamloops Blazers at the Sandman Centre in Kamloops, British Columbia. Both teams were tired, having played three games during three consecutive nights, with both teams winning all previous games; but both teams were in it to win it, playing hard throughout the game to attempt to secure that victory. Ultimately it was the Birds, however, who won by just one point, with the final score at 4-3. The win... Read More
One of those go crazy, folks, go crazy moments
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 03/01/16

When you hear the word shutout in regards to the Seattle Thunderbirds, it isn’t a big surprise. The Birds have led a number of one-sided victories this season, with Logan Flodell making the first shutouts of his career. But when you hear it was against the Everett Silvertips, you kind of have to do a little dance and get down tonight because it’s a big deal. Everett has been smashing the Birds over and over again, but during the last game we had hope; the victory was by a very narrow margin and at the very end of the game, so Birds fans were left wondering—will we do it next time? Yes indeed... Read More
Seattle Thunderbirds lengthy history
Posted by hawksinsider on 03/01/16

The Seattle Thunderbirds roots begin in Canada where they started as the Vancouver Nat's. This team played from 71-73 until they moved to British Columbia as the Kamloops Chiefs.  It was not until 77 that the team moved to Seattle, but were known as the Seattle Breakers. The Breakers began playing their games at Key Arena. The historic venue has remained a Seattle staple since the 60's but provided some unique difficulties in the area of hockey games. We will dive a bit deeper into these issues later though... Fast-forward to 1985 when the Seattle Breakers officially became the team we now... Read More