February 2016

Final score was 4-2
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/27/16

Jumping back from their narrow loss to the Everett Silvertips, the Seattle Thunderbirds beat the Tri-City Americans on Friday night with the final score of 4-2. The Birds now stand at 34-23-3-0, which is better than they were last week but still five points behind Everett in division rankings. One of two things can happen now when it comes to the cup: the Birds will lose again to the Tips, or they will hopefully build up such a heated rivalry from this season that when they do win, it will be cause for fireworks and bubbly for fans all across the Northeastern seaboard. Let’s hope it’s the... Read More
Kids can learn skills from the Thunderbirds
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/25/16

Having a tough time waiting for the Seattle Thunderbird games this weekend? While you wait, you may want to check out the details for the Birds Scoring, Stick Handling and Skating Camp! If you have any youngsters in your life, whether they be family, friends, your own kids or your neighbors, they may want to find out more about this incredible opportunity to learn key hockey skills from the Birds. Adults can even sign up for a cool Thunderbird skills camp experience. Camp will of course take place at the ShoWare Center. Kids of all ages will be able to learn about advanced skills and... Read More
Final score is 5-3
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/24/16

The Seattle Thunderbirds were on fire on Tuesday night when they beat the Vancouver Giants with a solid victory of 5-3. In a rare occurrence, all five goals were scored by different T-Birds, prompting fans to think the confidence level on the team is rising. Coupled with the string of recent victories—with only the one hiccup from the narrow loss to the Everett Silvertips last weekend—this may be evidence to support that the team is indeed not only ready to nab that number one spot back, but to also take the cup for Seattle this season. They are currently in fourth place in the Western... Read More
A narrow victory for the Tips
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/23/16

Seattle Thunderbirds fans were crestfallen on Saturday night. The Birds were on such a roll but the Everett Silvertips still managed to defeat them. After several hefty losses to the Tips over the past few months, however, fans can take heart in this: It was a very close defeat, which means that the Birds could also be quite close to taking the Tips on and winning once again. Birds fans have been lamenting for weeks that the Tips simply know the Seattle team too well, pinpointing all of their tricks and figuring out their moves before they even make them. If that is true, then Seattle finally... Read More
Ethan Bear solidifies narrow win
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/20/16

The Seattle Thunderbirds are back in the game and on a winning streak that is making the team recognizable to the Northwestern coast once again! On Friday night the Birds beat the Spokane Chiefs with the tight score of 2-1 at the ShoWare Center. The game was into overtime when Bear scored the winning goal of the night. After this win, Seattle is now left with the score of 32-22-3-0, putting them only three points behind the Everett Silvertips for the first place spot in the division—which is exactly where the Birds were last fall before the Tips slid into that space. They have had a rocky... Read More
T-Bird video now available
Posted by SeattleSoccerInsider on 02/19/16

You may have heard about the Seattle Thunderbirds working hard for the Ronald McDonald House of Western Washington & Alaska. Not only do they serve meals to people staying at the home while their children are in the hospital, but they also visit with the children themselves, playing games, joking around and helping the kids forget the scary day they have had or that awaits them, if even for a few minutes. Now you can see the Birds in action at the charity event, where they served a meal prepared by Caveman Kitchen. Families who were staying at the House on January 26 were able to meet the... Read More
Plus a Kolesar hat trick
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/17/16

On Valentine’s Day, Seattle sweethearts enjoyed chocolates, roses and the usual Valentine’s gifts as well as a big Seattle Thunderbirds victory over the Victoria Royals at the ShoWare Center. The birds won with a score of 4-2, three points coming from Keegan Kolesar, who was on a roll that night. The hat trick was Kolesar’s second of the season. Not only that, but the Birds also broke the 11-game winning streak that the Royals were enjoying, making it an even bigger victory for the Birds. In the four games the Birds have played against the Royals in this series, they have won 4-0. Seattle’s... Read More
Seattle wins by one goal
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/16/16

Another Saturday night and another victory for our own Seattle Thunderbirds! The boys brought it home on Saturday at the ShoWare Center when the game went into overtime, beating the Portland Winterhawks by the slim margin of 6 to 5. Fans raved about what an exciting game it was after the birds came back from not one or even two but three deficits during the game: two of them two-goal and one of them a single goal. This is the kind of game that creates new fans from first-time spectators. Fans are also excited that the Birds are beating the Hawks five games to three in the season series. And... Read More
Plus a hat trick for Barzal
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/13/16

Logan Flodell was blocking the net and Matthew Barzal was on a roll on Tuesday night when the Seattle Thunderbirds took on the Kelowna Rockets. Between 31 saves by Flodell, a hat trick from Barzal and several other goals made by Keegan Kolesar, Ryan Gropp and Josh Uhrich, the T-Birds were able to shutout the Rockets during an amazing game at the Showare Center in Seattle. Flodell just had his first shutout in his career. Now he has two under his belt, both of them against Kelowna. The big win occurred after the Rockets just beat the T-Birds the night before during the first in a home-and-... Read More
Meet the newest T-Bird
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/12/16

By now you’ve heard that the Seattle Thunderbirds have acquired yet another player, even while many fans are protesting that the team has allowed too much new blood to enter the arena already this season. Indeed, some fans are saying that the slump that the Birds have found themselves in is largely, if not fully, due to the lack of cohesion on the team. Whether it’s a lack of camaraderie, an inability to mesh well or something deeper, we don’t know for sure, but we also know that it’s not newbie Jared Pelechaty’s fault, either. So let’s welcome him aboard! Pelechaty is filling in for injured... Read More
Saturday’s score was 4-1
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/08/16

A brutal loss for the books. That’s what you might dub Saturday night’s game between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Everett Silvertips at the ShoWare Center. 5,316 fans were in attendance to see the game that night. The loss totaled 4-1, a huge letdown for fans not just because the Birds have lost quite a few lately, but also because the Tips are in the coveted #1 spot right now—a spot the T-Birds only just had last fall. Everett took the lead for the entire game, scoring two goals during the first period, a third in the second period and a final goal during the third period—the same period... Read More
Portland wins, 2-1
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/06/16

Well, the winning streak was fun while it lasted, Birds fans. The Seattle Thunderbirds lost another game to the Portland Winterhawks this week. The loss came just after two big wins, one of which was a shutout with Logan Flodell at the goalie helm. In fact, the Hawks barely squeaked by with the win, which was 2-1. It was a tense and intense game with a lot of penalties and tension, but not as much scoring. Nobody scored at all during the first period of the game. Penalties were had between Turgeon and Po for slashing and Sea and True for interference. During the second period, Turner... Read More
Thunderbirds beat Blazers 3-1
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/05/16

Maybe 2016 is just going to be their year or maybe it’s a streak of luck, but the Seattle Thunderbirds are killing it this year! Last week, we saw a shutout when the Birds conquered the Rockets with Logan Flodell back at guarding the goal, and this week they’ve beaten the Kamloops Blazers with almost another shutout. The Blazers were only able to nab a single goal before the game was over, and Landon Bow was back at the net, allowing only one shot to get past his defenses the entire game. Bow’s stats are now 16-18-4-0. Bow wasn’t the only young many to have a great night on the ice, either.... Read More
Flodell is behind this win against the Kelowna Rockets
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/04/16

Another shutout for the Seattle Thunderbirds is always good news to hear any day of the week. On Saturday night, the Birds beat the Kelowna Rockets with a score of 2-0. While new goalkeeper Landon Bow has had a few excellent shutouts during the season since joining, this one was actually made possibly by the finesse of T-Bird goalie Logan Flodell. The Birds have been relying heavily upon Bow lately and when fans cried out for more Flodell, it seems that the Birds listened—and the results were fantastic. It was even Flodell’s very first shutout, so he has to be quite proud. Flodell blocked 23... Read More
T-Birds are now 26-19-3-0
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/02/16

It is never a fun day in T-Birds history when the Everett Silvertips win a game. With a score so close at 2-1, sometimes it can make you feel even more frustrated. On January 30, that’s just what happened to our Seattle Thunderbirds. And given the fact that the Tips scored their final, game-winning goal during the last 1:50 of the game, it’s understandable why fans threw fits. There are now seven points that separate the first-place Tips between the second-place Birds, making the rivalry lines thicker than ever. Some fans argue that it doesn’t even matter as long as the T-Birds make it into... Read More
Another loss during the final week of January
Posted by SeattleHockeyInsider on 02/01/16

Last week was not the luckiest of the season for our Seattle Thunderbirds. They lost their own Teddy Bear Toss game to the Winterhawks, and on January 29th they lost again to the Spokane Chiefs with a score of 5-4. Even so, it was one of their more lively games, and held at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. In fact, it was one of those games where you take someone to introduce them to hockey and leave with them having become a huge fan in the process. It was such a close game and most fans in attendance reported having a wonderful time. During the first period of the game, Seattle outshot... Read More